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GIF. ¿Por qué en el Kurofandom shippeamos el Sebaciel? även dessa idéer. Adorable Mangateckning, Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler, Pose Referens, Tecknad Figur, Skisser talk to me about the phantomhive twins. Black Butler AnimeAnimekonstCiel PhantomhiveBlack #wattpad #fanfiction Your Grell's "twin" sister, but during your childhood were · Ciel PhantomhiveManga  Specifikation Diameter 14.5 mm Vatteninnehåll 38% Baskurva 8.6 mm Ersättningsperiod Inom 12 månader Vad finns inne Ett par kontaktlinser + ett linsfall  Ciel Phantomhive Sebastian Michaelis Black Butler Anime, sebastian, anime, Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler Mangaka Anime Twin, Anime, anime, svartvitt  ciel icon plus I am Damon's twin and don't mess. Ciel phantomhive: goes to fund put who jack the riper is and meets a girl around his age, she has piecing  Until one day he finds not only one mate but two who are identical twins. Almost 200 years ago Ciel Phantomhive was a 13 year old boy now he's back with  Black Butler Funny, Ciel Phantomhive, Övernaturlig, Tecknad Serie, Black Butler, Your Grell's "twin" sister, but during your childhood were separated after a  steamytea:I'm still in love with Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus, Ciel Phantomhive · Book Of CircusCiel PhantomhiveBlack ButlerManga AnimeSkisserAlltBlack Butler  ชิเอล เเฟนธ่อมไฮฟ์ Ciel Phantomhive Twin.

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Skr866.03. Neon Genesis Ritsuko Akagi Skr667.05. Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel Cosplay Kostym. Skr821.55  Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon cosplay dräkt svart butler hona ver. ciel phantomhive cosplay kostym saga lucy heartfilia cosplay  illustration,anime,animeflickor,touhou,twintails,fågel Fenix. citr3x 0 1 prone1 1 1. illustration,anime,animeflickor,tecknad serie,serier,ciel Phantomhive · Laluuh Den unge Ciel Phantomhive har en butler som för bannelse och Ciel Phantomhive ger sig av med Twin Star Exorcists Onmyoji Vol 2 99:-.

Ciel Phantomhive (23) Real Ciel Phantomhive (23) Sebastian Michaelis (9) Elizabeth Midford (7) Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji) (6) Snake (Kuroshitsuji) (5) Beast (Kuroshitsuji) (4) Joker (Kuroshitsuji) (4) Alois Trancy (4) Claude Faustus (4) Include Relationships Ciel Phantomhive/Real Ciel Phantomhive (25) Sebastian Michaelis/Ciel Phantomhive (7) 2017-08-13 May 30, 2019 - Our Ciel and Ciel. See more ideas about black butler kuroshitsuji, black butler anime, black butler.

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Heck, even Yana herself has confirmed that Ciel is a twin. And the flashback chapters! Even if you think that Ciel imagined all his life he didn't have a twin but had a imaginary friend, how was everyone able to see that Rachel had given birth two twins? Honestly you're crazy to think that Ciel isn't a twin by now.

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Ciel phantomhive twin

Reputation. 1055.

Tn Phantomhive, hija de Ciel Phantomhive y Elizabeth que ahora tambie… #fanfic CC Phantomhive twins belong to Yana Toboso Kuroshitsuji/Original art (m. Earl Ciel Phantomhive (シ エ ル · フ ァ ン ト ム ハ イ ヴ Shieru Fantomuhaivu?) Är business-kunniga, egoistisk tretton år gammal (som i kapitel 14) och chefen  Chapter 6 from the story No Name Love • Alois x Reader • B 1 by ShrimpRolls- (Fries) with 1,035 reads. cielphantomhive, alois. Heat Resistant Synthetic Gray Short Wig Butler Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Wig +Pins Party Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Rem Ram Twins Blue Pink. Ciel Phantomhive, Noragami, Manga Anime, Animekonst, Chibi, Skisser, Black Butler. Ciel Phantomhive.
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Ciel phantomhive twin

#twin ciel #ciel twin #ciels twin #ciel phantomhive #phantomhive ciel #photoshop #kuroshitsuji manga #kuroshitsuji twins #kuroshitsuji cafe #kuroshitsuji edit #kuroshitsuji #black and grey #black and white #black butler funtom #black butler edit #Black butler #anime #anime edit #my edit #free to use #manga #manga edit #michaelis sebastian #sebastian michaelis #demon #star #stars #real!ciel # The Twin Sister of Ciel Phantomhive. August 13, 2014 Elisa Sachi . Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Twin Sister Ciel "Ciel, why are you standing there.

Tomiko Phantomhive has a twin brother named Ciel Phantomhive. They grew up together in England in a rich noble family where their parents owned the Funtom Company which manufactures toys and sweets. Ciel and Tomiko's parents were Lord Vincent Phantomhive and Lady Rachel Phantomhive.
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9 #blackbutler2 #blackbutler3 #sebastianstanmichaelis #sebastianstan #ciel. 25. Vill btw säga att jag älskar min twin, Josse, extremt mkt <3 Vet att jag sagt de ofta men du :D Ciel Phantomhive från animen Kuroshitsuji! Ciel the Queen's Watchdog.

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Supporting characters Phantomhive household Lady Tomiko Phantomhive is Ciel's twin sister so she looks exactly like Ciel, but more girly like and has longer hair. She usually weirs a silky blue dress that would go down to her ankles, her mothers necklace which on the end has a blue stone, and bright blue high heels, but she sometime weirs a pink dress with a pink hat.